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Asematila is an open and non-profit cultural space located in Huopalahti train station in Helsinki, Finland. Asematila offers free exhibition, performance, residency and work space for people in various fields of art and culture. We believe that free creation, presentation and research provoke new discoveries, sensations and meanings and invites artists, activists and publics – locally, nationally and internationally.

Artists and activists using the space are committed to break away from entrance and participation fees, and are thus part of the process of creating urban culture that is free from economic hierarchies.

Asematila is curated by Asematila ry; Venla Helenius, Suvi Kemppainen and Alli Mattila.

You can access Asematila from Helsinki railway station with commuter trains S, A , M, U , E, and L.

The space is an old waiting hall and it has a wooden floor. Huopalahti station is designed by Bruno Granholm in the early 1900’s and it is renovated in 2015 by the current owner Liisa Akimof.
How to apply
If you wish to send us a proposal follow the link:
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Kylätie 25 a 3
00350 Helsinki